Feeling Worried and Uneasy…?

Is not a choice, it has a cause

Feelings of anxiety can alter how you think, feel or act and seriously undermine your ability to enjoy anything, or to simply get on with your life.

When you are anxious, every moment is marred by a constant nagging and unease that you can’t put your finger on, we begin to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, you might start to lose sleep or your appetite, to feel breathless or panicked. Once anxiety forms it is not something that simply goes away, overtime, if left untreated anxiety can be extremely isolating, and lead to panic attacks and severe depressive symptoms.

In my 20 years of experience I know before anxiety can be cured, it helps to understand what caused it in the first place, understanding anxiety can be compared to an amplified ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ response, a sense that you are ‘caught in worrying’, instead of facing whatever has happened to you.

Difficult situations that may cause anxiety include:


  • current life situation
  • stress at work
  • stress at university
  • past or childhood experiences
  • menopause
  • relationship
  • bereavement
  • money worries
  • Pressure while studying or in work


If you have a question that is not answered here please do not hesitate to get in touch with me either by picking up the phone or by completing the contact form and we can work together from there.


At Private Counselling Nottingham, I will thoroughly assess you to recognise and understand your feelings of anxiety so you can learn how to manage them better.

It is vital to understand what caused the anxiety in the first place, often this requires working with the root cause of the symptom. Transactional analysis recognises the value of being in the right now, to realise that your anxiety has roots in reality and if you deal with that reality, the anxiety will dissolve and subside.


“For the first time I wanted to live a full and real life. I came to you terrified to love and be loved, with panic attacks and sleep problems. For me what worked was to stay until the underlying feelings had been dealt with. I have finally learned how to trust myself again. I recommended seeing Rae, without reservations.” E.R.

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