Families and Relationships


Having a family is something that lots of people dream of, so when it starts to go wrong and family members fall out, it can be devastating.

It is not easy being around someone who is stressed either as their intolerance can spread causing arguments and tension.

Family lies at the core of how we interact socially and how we feel about ourselves. Frequently families express feeling anxious around someone who is displaying unhealthy levels of stress, and often disrespect too. This can exacerbate the problem, no- one feels heard and levels of blame increase which intern can cause communication difficulties.

The most common aspects of family fallouts are:

  • conflicting cultural beliefs
  • A carer, family responsibilities – parents, children, spouse
  • difficult ‘critical’ parents
  • siblings, old hurts, resentments, rivalry
  • in-laws
  • being with family feels exhausting, anxiety and stress
  • parents, divorce, bereavement, ageing
  • family secrets

If you have a question that is not answered here please do not hesitate to get in touch with me either by picking up the phone or by completing the contact form.

At Private Counselling Nottingham I support individuals who care about each other, to express and explore difficult thoughts and feelings safely, instead of avoiding, you can learn to stay in relationship whilst maintaining your dignity and self-respect.

There is no perfect formula for a happy family and relationships, but there are certainly ideal components, such as clean communication and good self esteem that can hugely impact how a family gets on and vastly improve a family dynamic.

Whatever the relationship or the need, I will work with you to address a specific issue.

Separation and Divorce


Divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Counselling can really help with emotional support and communication of how you represent yourself maintaining your dignity and respect. Clean communication is about airing what is going on as it happens, making decisions you can live with, and getting you through this difficult time together, whatever the outcome.

If you think you or somebody you know needs some help you can either give me a call or complete my contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

All points of contact is confidential.


“Thank you for the amazing sessions, they have kept me afloat for the last year. Ive now moved on and had a traditional marriage to an old friend and our relationship is just amazing. We live together and will soon be blessed with a set of twins. As for my daughter I see her regularly and know how to manage the hostile relationship with her mother. Had it not been for the sessions I had with you I’d still be going round in circles, so for that I thank you so much. God bless you, I hope more will benefit from your services.” C.C.

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