Struggling to Cope?

At times, we can get caught up in unhealthy behaviours in order to cope. Sometimes, a little stress can be helpful, to protect and warn us, to help you escape a dangerous situation or to encourage us toward change and growth. A stress response is actually how the body reacts to any kind of pressure or even threat, flooding the nervous system with adrenalin and cortisol to alert the body so its ready to act, in ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ mode. Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge, something that is happening now and is triggered by a specific situation.

Stressful situations and demands of life’s responsibilities can seem difficult and overwhelming at times. Often people describe themselves as ‘stressed’, they feel worried and overloaded, fearful and anxious, with everyday symptoms that include not being able to relax, or sleep, suffering headaches or upset stomach and easily losing their temper.

Work-related stress – Long office hours


Technology enabled ‘out of hours’ working availability and the great social significance placed on success in the workplace all serve to promote work practices that can easily become unhealthy. Against this background, it is often hard for a person to acknowledge an excessive relationship with work as a problem. Sometimes work can become a defence from confronting the harsh realities of life, such as, neglecting of family life, or difficulties at home causes further avoidance or withdrawal into your work, creating a vicious cycle that promotes isolation and feeds stress. This can be a ticking time bomb.

Many are individuals whose identity is entirely centred around their work, struggling to relax, switch off, take time out, and even to sleep. Common stressful feelings are frustration and nervousness.

The common symptoms of stress include:

  • restlessness, feeling irritable and intolerant of others
  • overthinking – unable to stop worrying thoughts
  • impaired concentration, trouble with remembering things, deadlines
  • avoidant behaviour
  • sense of isolation
  • change in sleeping habits
  • feeling afraid
  • chest pain, heart attacks, fatigue, burn out, nausea,” butterflies”, diarrhoea
  • in a constant state of alert, fearing the worst

At Private Counselling Nottingham I can support you in a safe space to prevent you from greater problems by helping you to reduce your stress. I will explore any deeper causes and triggers that may be fuelling your stress and develop your emotional and mental resources to live your life in good esteem and to the full.

Student Stress

80% students feel stressed ‘most of the time’


My experience working with students struggling with the pressures that university life presents are common. Everything is different, being away from home for the first time, finances, food, the people, living accommodation, and family and friends are not readily available for support. Along with pressures to perform; tests, exams and being academically challenged, these factors can create and fuel stress.

Wedding Stress


With the best intentions, planning your wedding can take over your life. Trying to please everyone and keep the status quo can be a immense responsibility, and overwhelming, entering an arena of perfection, originality, planning, messages, emails, family traditions, expectations, speeches, accommodating and compromise for a date that you will cherish forever.

Private Counselling Nottingham can be enormously helpful to find strategies and a calm approach towards making your wedding a ‘joyous’ day to remember.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms yourself or within your family, give me a call or complete my contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


“I have tried numerous therapies, most of them without success. What makes you so special is the way you create a whole picture of what I needed and where I was at. I felt seen and heard and this made me feel safe enough to get on with the painful experiences I’d spent my whole life avoiding. Highly recommended.” Sara

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