At times we all need help sorting out life’s complexities and understanding what makes us tick

Welcome to RaeTalks, talking therapies at Private Counselling Nottingham.

Private Counselling Nottingham provides a relaxed, comfortable, and informal space where you can talk in confidence, about any issues troubling you. If you are looking for an experienced and caring professional based in the heart of Nottingham (NG1) help is here, to support you to let go of past hangups and reconnect with you or to feel better and gain confidence to solve problems with loved ones, with studies or at the workplace.

I work with couples, students and groups over 18 years of age, all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.


The help and advice you have given me is knowledge that I will have or a lifetime. You really understood my concerns and led me in a positive direction. Now, I don’t ever feel I am running on empty, Im taking every opportunity as they come, and trying to live my life to the full. The memories and beautiful wisdom that you gave me will stay with me… Kate (artist)

I know it’s not easy asking for help, you may be wandering what is counselling about? It may seem a little unsettling to consider therapy for the first time, or you’re feeling guilt or shame, or you feel overwhelmed by negative thinking patterns, or past situations are holding you back, or your struggling with solution and loneliness or you’re are worried about a loved one, you don’t have to face it alone, help can provide a light at the end of tunnel. I have your best interests at heart, nothing I do with you will cause you harm, so you have everything to gain. Experience tells us that problems don’t just go away, instinctively, we all have an urge to feel better, understand our motivations, behaviours or repeated life patterns to help resolve issues and find a better path through life with less stress and more ease.

The care you took, just to make sure that I felt comfortable and safe is something I will never forget. I learnt for the first time ever how to look after myself, not in a practical sense, but in an emotional sense. I would highly recommend Rae to anybody who still does not feel happy, joyous and free. – S.K (teacher)

1 in 3 people every year in the UK experience a mental health problem, we all experience distressing events and need help sorting out life’s complexities. With the help of positive attention, in a safe thoughtful space, we can work out and overcome our difficulties. Therapy can sometimes feel challenging, but importantly it is being in an encouraging, calm place that you can think out loud, be listened to, and clearly order your thoughts in a simple conversational manner that you feel comfortable with.

It’s possible that you can just settle and be at peace with all that’s happened in your life.

with your help, and fantastic insight, I am a better person, thank you.
– Robert (I.T Consultant)

First Times…

Sometimes as adults we can all find ourselves ‘winging it!’
Most of us get to a place in our life when we don’t want to do anything that we’re not any good at doing, because we don’t want to fail or feel vulnerable. No-one wants to fail, so we don’t ‘try that new way of doing things’ or take that new class’ but at times life presents situations when we have to step out of our comfort zones and step into ‘first times’. This can make us feel incredibly vulnerable, but that ‘muscle’ that we use when we do ‘first times’ can be the ‘secret sauce’ to life, to gain confidence, flex our independence muscle, meet the ‘new’ people/hobby and learn something new about ourselves, which wouldn’t happen in our comfort zones. Sometimes ‘first times’ are like pressing ‘restart’ on our computers that clears away the old stuff and updates our sous, they can refresh, reset, re-energise and renews our spirit to new levels. Uncomfortable feelings are natural and important to our mental health, and with help and support, you can take that step and discover what makes you tick.

Take a positive step today and contact – we can work together from there.

Common reasons people come for private sessions include:

Before I came to you, I had no idea how to connect with my emotions which was an isolated and lonely place. Working with you opened my mind to a new way of thinking and a new way of living. I found my voice and was able to work through some childhood difficulties. Because of your support I feel I am no longer haunted by my past and less anxious of making decisions for my future. I feel proud of who I am. I would spend the money all over again in a heartbeat. – Ed (Civil Servant)

Private Counselling Nottingham, creates a space for significant growth and change. If you are struggling with one of the reasons listed above, I am here to support you to make the changes that work for you. Living ‘unconsciously’ can create problems, we all at times feel out of control, and in being out of awareness we create ‘blind spots’ finding ourselves in conflict with loved ones, or colleagues leaving us often feeling vulnerable, or with low self esteem that can make you feel less able to solve them. So, what’s really going on? If you are interested in gaining (conscious) understanding of your conflicts, and gaining insight into what makes you tick, it’s useful to have someone at your side to reconnect with you, and prevent yourself from spiralling. Do It once!

Feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions, you are welcome to email me confidentially or just pick up the phone, we can have a short conversation prior to you thinking about booking an appointment.

If you think you, or somebody you know needs some help, take a positive step today and make contactI will get back to you within 24 hours.

Online Therapy

The convenience and flexibility of counselling online can be a safe way to access mental health support. With the use of digital platforms you can talk anywhere at your convenience by using the phone or your computer.

Common reasons people use counselling online in order to stay connected include:

  • you frequently travel or work overseas and need the flexility of online counselling.
  • the comfort of your own home, if you have a mobility issue and cannot travel to sessions
  • you live in a country or neighbour hood that lacks local counsellors
  • you are in the public eye and need additional confidentiality measures.

Private Counselling Nottingham uses Zoom, an online platform that has been endorsed by various professional bodies that allows face to face contact. This choice is based on excellent video quality and a high standard of data security, ensuring that all parties are protected from a confidentiality perspective.


As well as working with people who live and work in the central areas of Nottingham, I also work with people who travel from, Mosely, Southwell, Cambridge, Ashbourne, Stoneygate, and Sheffield. There is on street parking available. I have a discreet practice in the heart of Nottingham, 10 minutes walking distance from the Market Square with access to all transport links, trams, buses, and trains. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide wheelchair access at the practice.

Lets Talk…
I look forward to meeting you.

Private Counselling And Psychotherapy In Nottingham For All Genders And Sexual Orientations


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