Student Stress

…just when it really matters, and I want to do my best, and it starts to go wrong

My experience working with students struggling with the pressures that university life presents are common. Everything is different, being away from home for the first time, finances, food, the people, living accommodation, and family and friends are not readily available for support. Along with pressures of social media, trying to fit in, or feeling burdened with expectations, pressures to get it right; to perform, tests, exams and being academically challenged, these factors can create and or fuel stress. Students juggling external responsibilities, being a parent, or caring for family. Combining these roles and pressures of university life with studies can be challenging, exhausting, and overwhelming. Getting the help and support you need at these times can be vital to get you through your course; to meet deadlines, pass exams, get desired grades, save relationships, or build healthy friendships.


80% students feel stressed ‘most of the time’


…Thank you for supporting me through what has been a very colourful journey. Without your help I wouldn’t have got through my course in one piece, or know how to deal with the root causes of my problems. I have changed and grown so much, ready to begin my new chapter, with your voice always reminding me to”Stay in my Adult!’ I have really enjoyed our sessions and will miss these times. – George (B.A Student)



At Private Counselling Nottingham, it can be easier to express yourself and often helpful to talk over the situation with someone new, from a ‘neutral’ position, to find new perspective, strategies and ways to move forward. You may experience difficulty in keeping up with academic work, attendance or feel the pressures of ‘perfectionism’, to do well. The pressure of perfectionism can be disabling, causing overstudy (very long hours) or procrastination that often leads to high levels of anxiety and sleep disruption.

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Some common issues that get in the way of university life include;

  • anxietyperfectionism
  • stresspanic attacks
  • depression
  • bullying – social media to demean and humiliate
  • concentration and memory difficulties
  • academic work – motivation, organisation and time management
  • family – divorce or separation
  • relationship issues
  • identity issues – experimentation
  • adjusting to a new culture
  • dilemma’s or making difficult decisions or choices – accommodation, careers
  • eating difficulties – bulimia and compulsive


These difficulties can have an adverse impact on your studies.
Take a positive step today and contact – we can work together from there.

Panic Attacks

Sometimes we can experience a sudden burst of intense anxiety and experience overwhelming sensations in our body that can lead to a change in breath, causing sweating and or shaking. This can feel very threatening and once experienced we fear another episode happening again. We can get caught up in unhealthy patterns of feeling, thinking or behaviour, increasing the likelihood of further attacks. Overtime, this can become a vicious cycle causing us to avoid and withdraw from contact with others.


Private Counselling Nottingham, provides a safe, calm space to get the support you need, to think out loud and explore feelings and identify triggers to break the vicious cycles, and find new strategies to replace old patterns of behaviour, reducing the symptoms and preventing greater problems to occur.

Take a positive step today and contact – we can work together from there.