Trust Therapy

…what’s holding you back?

Many emotions define us to be human, such as; vulnerability, shame, courage, empathy or trust.

Trust is an essential part of our wellbeing and healthy relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves. Sometimes we can spend a lifetime struggling to take steps to commit to ourselves or others, enough progress or move forward in our lives, instead we can avoid and get stuck in a downward spiral.

Broken trust from the past can create inner conflict within ourselves that breeds feelings of uneasiness, and in time, we learn to keep our guard up, stay a step ahead of others, or ‘only on my terms’. Trust plays a key role in us feeling secure, it requires risk and when we find ourselves doing something for the ‘first time’ we can feel incredibly vulnerable.

“ …For the first time I wanted to live a full and real life. I came to you terrified to love and be loved, with sleep problems. For me what worked was to stay until the underlying feelings had been dealt with. I firmly believe I can support my own wellbeing, I no longer go to pieces. I have finally learned how to trust myself again and I’m more courageous in working independently outside of my comfort zone. I recommended seeing Rae, without reservations.” – Rach (digital co-ordinator)

Take a positive step today and contact – we can work together from there.

Common symptoms of trust include:

  • feeling afraid of commitment or responsibility
  • feeling afraid of failure – “I never get it right”
  • relationships – not letting yourself feel vulnerable with someone, controlling intimacy
  • behaving in ways intended to avoid
  • feeling alert and watchful all the time
  • feeling vulnerable – lonely, isolated, guarded, tense, on edge
  • feeling afraid of taking risks – “something bad’s going to happen”
  • breakdown of trust – parents, partners, family, marriage – resentment
  • feeling overwhelmed, by workload – conflict with workmates, boss


Overtime, trust issues can erode our quality of life and relationships. We can get caught up in unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, that may lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, a virus cycle which can be destructive, this process keeps us stuck and less willing to take risks in life.

At Private Counselling Nottingham, counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful in breaking out of this vicious cycled feelings of vulnerability. 

Take a positive step today and contact – we can work together from there.