…struggling to Cope?

At times, we find ourselves stuck in a downward spiral without the support to draw on and help us through.

Stressful situations and the demands of life’s responsibilities can seem difficult and overwhelming at times. Often people describe themselves as ‘stressed’ when they feel worried or overloaded, fearful or anxious, with everyday symptoms that include not being able to relax, or sleep, suffering headaches or upset stomach and easily losing their temper. Too much stress, or mismanaged stress can cause serious health conditions.

Sometimes, a little stress can be helpful, to protect and warn us, to help you to escape a dangerous situation or to encourage us toward change and growth. Stress is the body’s reaction to being challenge. A stress response is actually how the body reacts to any kind of pressure or even threat, flooding the nervous system with adrenalin and cortisol to alert the body so it’s ready to act, in ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ mode.

“ …I have tried numerous therapies, most of them without success. Life gets really easy when you give yourself permission to take control of your life. Highly recommended.”

Private Counselling Nottingham can be helpful in preventing greater problems developing. Supporting you in learning how to better manage the stress in your life.

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