Anxiety Counselling

…feeling worried and uneasy…? it’s a choice not a cause!

Feelings of anxiety can alter how you think, feel or act and seriously undermine your ability to enjoy anything or to get on with your life.

When you are anxious, every moment is marred by a constant nagging and unease that you can’t put your finger on, you begin to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, you might start to lose sleep or your appetite, to feel breathless or panicked. Once anxiety forms it is not something that simply goes away, overtime, if left untreated anxiety can be extremely isolating, and lead to panic attacks and severe depressive symptoms.

Before anxiety can be cured, it helps to understand what caused it in the first place, understanding anxiety can be compared to an amplified ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ response, a sense that you are ‘caught in worrying’, instead of facing whatever has happened to you.

“ …Thank you for your support at such a difficult time in my life. I appreciate how you would simplify my ‘life of minestrone’ and create a complete picture of what I needed and where I was at, and stopped me feeling self-doubt which came from my parents. I have now become more confident in expressing myself of pursuing a career with being hindered by my parents. it helped me to feel safe enough to get on with the painful risks I needed to take to properly change my life around. The risks id spent my whole life avoiding.” – James (project co-ordinator)


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At Private Counselling Nottingham, I will thoroughly assess you to recognise and understand your feelings of anxiety so you can learn how to manage them better.