What is Counselling About?

Help can provide a light at the end of the tunnel

Here are some key points of what the terms ‘counselling’, ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘therapy’ are about:

  • During counselling or psychotherapy, no one will tell you what you should do.
  • Counselling and therapy are non-judgemental processes.
  • During counselling, no one tells you how you should be feeling.
  • Counselling allows you to focus on troubling issues.
  • Counselling allows you to learn and understand your triggers.
  • Counselling and psychotherapy often deals with working life changes.
  • Steadily explore, understand and learn how to express your emotions appropriately.
  • Counselling can be about your mental health, emotions and well-being.
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Therapy gives you a conscious way of living your life accordingly, if you’re not living consciously, you are running on an unconscious program that can continually create dissatisfying outcomes in your life and can keep you feeling like a failure or disconnected.

Whatever the problem, change is inevitable. Change can mean many things, such as; changing your mind, change of feeling, making a decision, changing your behaviour – action or letting go of whats keeping you stuck, whatever the concern, change can be a stranger you have yet to know positively, but with the strength and support of positive attention, change can help you enormously, to free you from your current position, improve your life and become your best friend.

private counselling
private counselling

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