At times we all need help sorting out life’s complexities


Private Counselling Nottingham provides a relaxed, comfortable, and informal space where you can talk in confidence, about any issues troubling you. If you are looking for an experienced and caring professional based in (NG1) the heart of Nottingham, I may be able to help you solve your problems.

I work with adults including individuals, couples, students and employee assistance (EAP). You may seek support for a specific problem, or you simply want change but don’t know how, whatever you are experiencing talking to someone helps. Experience tells us that problems don’t just go away, instinctively, we all have an urge to feel better, understand our motivations, behaviours or repeated life patterns to help resolve issues and find a better path through life with less stress and more ease.

I know its never easy asking for help. You may be wandering what is counselling about? I know it may seem a little unsettling, or you feel self-conscious and scared of saying that you are struggling or worried about someone else, you don’t have to suffer in silence, I have your best interests at heart, committed to helping you, and believe that the sooner you ask for help the better for you. Nothing I do with you will cause you harm, so you have everything to gain.

“We live in a complex busy, changing world. Most of the time, we get on with life, but sometimes we are stopped in our tracks by an event or situation that we find difficult to cope with, that we do not have the resources to sort out. Most of the time we find ways by talking to friends or family, But occasionally their advice is not sufficient, or we are just too embarrassed or ashamed to tell them what is bothering us, or we just don’t have an appropriate person to turn to.”
(John Mcleod, 2014)

At times we all experience distressing events and need help sorting out life’s complexities with the help of positive attention, in a safe thoughtful space that therapy normally becomes, as the one that I offer. Therapy can sometimes feel challenging, but importantly it is being in an encouraging, calm place that you can think out loud, be listened to, and clearly order your thoughts in a simple conversational manner that you feel comfortable with.

The reality is 1 In 4 of us will fight a mental health problem each year that can affect each of us differently causing a wide variety of symptoms that can disrupt lives, but with the right support, you can – and do – get better.

It’s possible that you can just settle and be at peace with all that’s happened in your life.

Just pick up the phone or fill in an contact Form and we can work together from there.

Common reasons woman and men visit me for private sessions include:

  • Bereavement – loss, suicide, feeling confused, numb, unable to grieve or move forward – “I still cant believe it…” Loss of a son, daughter, parent, partner, family member, best friend, pet, or career.
  • feeling sad – you simply want change but don’t know how, or why
  • depression post natal depression -persistent sadness, low mood
  • working with men – men’s info, anger, depression, post natal depression
  • anxiety, panic attacks, feeling fearful, worried, uneasy
  • EAP – Employee assistance – invaluable resource to help safeguard employees
  • stress reduction, frustration and nervousness, overload or pressure
  • personal development, emotional intelligence and self-fulfilment
  • couples counselling
  • major life changes menopause, separation and divorce, retirement
  • relationships at home, partner, friends
  • raising low self confidence and low self-esteem work or relationships
  • pre-wedding counsellingwedding stress
  • unresolved “baggage” past hurts, bittersweet childhood, regrets
  • compulsive eating, dieting -food relating issues
  • work-related, long working hours -work v home balance, professional development
  • PTSD trauma, disturbing events, difficult childhood, intrusive thoughts
  • family issues, difficult parents – struggling for acceptance, siblings, best friends
  • searching for help with mindfulness

What feels like the worst time in your life right now in a years time it can feel like history

Private Counselling Nottingham, creates a space for significant growth and change. If you are struggling with one of the reasons listed above, I am here to support you to make the changes that work for you. Living ‘unconsciously’ can create problems that often gives you low self esteem and makes you feel less able to solve them. If you are particularly interested in gaining an in depth (conscious) understanding of “How…? Why…?” of what you are, or overcome the disappointments of “I could’ve… should’ve, and ‘I didn’t’s…” in life, its useful to have someone at your side to make your needs a priority or prevent you from spiralling. You can go on this journey once, and do it properly.

Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions, you are welcome to email me confidentially or just pick up the phone, we can have a short conversation prior to you thinking about booking an appointment..

Telephone 07555 298 298

If you think you or somebody you know needs some help you can either give me a call or complete my contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

There is easy parking available at my counselling and psychotherapy practice (NG1). I have a discreet practice in the heart of Nottingham, which has excellent access to (10 minutes walking distance) to Nottingham city centre with access to all transport links, trams, buses, taxi, you will find directions and a map. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide wheelchair access.

As well as working with people who live and work in the central areas of Nottingham and the surrounding villages, I also work with clients who travel to see me from, Mosely, Southwell, Cambridge, Ashbourne, Stoneygate, and Sheffield.

Availability may vary. Please contact me to check for short notice.

All points of contact is confidential.

Rae Manoiret

Registered member of MBACP


BACP Registered Member


“The care you took, just to make sure that I felt comfortable and safe is something I will never forget. I learnt for the first time ever how to look after myself, not in a practical sense, but in an emotional sense. I would highly recommend Rae to anybody who still does not feel happy, joyous and free.“ S. K.

Practice Location

Park Row Nottingham

Private Counselling Nottingham

30 Park Row

Nottingham NG1 6GR

Counselling Appointments

I see clients at the following times:

Monday - Thursday 1pm - 8pm


Please call for available times and dates, availability can vary at short notice.

All calls and messages are confidential. I take referrals from businesses - employee assistance programmes (EAP), GP’s and solicitors.

Telephone: 07555 298 298

Practice Room

Safe, light and peaceful... breathing space, where you can show up as you are.

Private Counselling and Psychotherapy in Nottingham For Women and Men of all Ages